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Hagaren Rating Community

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Fullmetal Alchemist Rating Community
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Yep, here it is, the Fullmetal Alchemist Rating Community which doesn't require photos ;D While we know that there are other FMA rating communites around, they tend to ask for pictures, which not everyone can provide.
  • Most people haven't seen it yet, so please, NO MOVIE SPOILERS!!
  • Once stamped, please upload the image to your own server. NO HOTLINKING! Seriously.
  • NO FLAMING. This will not be tolerated. One warning, then you're gone.
  • Once you've been rated, feel free to pimp out your community. Just mark it in your subject line :)
  • Please include the word "flame" somewhere in your subject line. This is mainly so that we know you've read these rules, but also to make it clearer who wants to rated.
  • Please tell others about this group, as it makes things more fun if there're more people.
  • If there's anything you want to ask, drop the mod (NEFERTARI_NZ), or co-mod (PUNKHEID), a line.
  • If you get stuck while trying to rate someone, HERE's a list of all the characters, very kindly linked to by MR_UTOPIA_MAN.
  • HERE are the current stamps.
  • For a list of stamped members, go HERE.
  • Please bold all votes, just to make life a little easier :)
  • If there's a clear majority after five votes, you'll be stamped.
  • If you're unhappy with the person you're stamped as, you can re-apply after a week. Please state your reason for reapplying, and who you were stamped as, so that people know if you're just curious about whether you've changed, or if you were unhappy with your previous stamp and want a different one.
  • You don't have to have been stamped to vote!
  • No photos are required, but feel free to include some if you fancy.
  • And here are the questions:
  • Please try to be as detailed as possible when answering the questions - it makes it much easier for the voters ^^
  • To be added to the Affiliates List, please leave a comment HERE.
  • ACRATINGS (Advent Children)
    ANGELS_RATINGS (Angel Sanctuary)
    ANTM_RATINGS (America's Next Top Model)
    AQUAMAGAMARATING (Pokemon, Team Aqua and Team Magma)
    BEBOP_RATINGS (Cowboy Bebop)
    BEY_RATING (Bey Blade)
    BLEACH_MIRROR (Bleach)
    CHAMPLOO_RATING (Samurai Champloo)
    DW_RATING (Dynasty Warriors)
    EGYPT_STAMPING (Egyptian Gods and Goddesses)
    ES21_RATING (Eyeshield 21)
    EUREKA7_RATING (Eureka Seven)
    FE_RATING (Fire Emblem)
    FEUDAL_MIRROR (Inuyasha)
    FF_RATING (Final Fantasy)
    FMA_MATCHMAKER (Fullmetal Alchemist)
    FMP_RATING (Full Metal Panic)
    GAKUEN_RATING (Gakuen Heaven)
    GRAVIRATING (Gravitation)
    HELLSING_STAMPS (Hellsing)
    HIKAGO_MIRROR (Hikaru no Go)
    HOGWARTS_SORT_U (Harry Potter)
    HOSTCLUB_RATING (Ouran Koukou Host Club)
    KCKARIN_RATING (Kamichama Karin)
    KEYBLADERATING (Kingdom Hearts)
    KS_RATING (Koutetsu Sangokushi)
    LA_CORDA_STAMPS (La Corda D'Oro)
    LOVEHINA_RATE (Love Hina)
    MARMALADERATING (Marmalade Boy)
    MLIEBE_RATING (Meine Liebe)
    MOULIN_RATING (Moulin Rouge)
    MT_R4TINGS (Megatokyo)
    NEONEVA_RATING (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
    NYO_RATINGS (Di Gi Charat)
    OJAMAJO_RATING (Ojamajo Doremi)
    OUTSIDERS_RATE (The Outsiders)
    PMKRATING (Peacemaker Kurogane)
    POKEMONTWINN (Pokemon)
    RENKIN_RATING (Busou Renkin)
    SAIYUKI_MIRROR (Saiyuki)
    SAMCHAM_RATING (Samurai Champloo)
    SENKAI_RATING (Houshin Engi)
    SHAMAN_RATING (Shaman King)
    SHINIGAMIRATING (Bleach Shinigami)
    SINFUL_RATING (Fullmetal Alchemist Sins)
    SJGIRLS_RATING (Shounen Jump Girls)
    SPN_STAMPING (Supernatural)
    SWEENEY_RATE (Sweeney Todd)
    TACTICS_RATING (Tactics)
    TENIMYU_RATING (Tennis no Oujisama Musical Actors)
    TUTU_RATING (Princess Tutu)
    ULMANIAC_RATING (Ultra Maniac)
    VOICE_STAMPING (Voice Actors)
    WEISS_RATE (Weiss Kreuz)
    WOLFS_RATING (Wolfs Rain)
    X_RATING (X/1999)
    XMENEVO_RATING (X-men: Evolution)
    YGO_RATING (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
    ZELDA_STAMPING (Legend of Zelda)
    ALCHEMYAWARDS (Fullmetal Alchemist Icontest)
    ANIMANGA_CLAIMS (General Anime/Manga Claims)
    DNANGEL_CLAIMS (D.N. Angel Claims)
    I_WANNA_CLAIM (General Anime/Manga/Gaming Claims)
    JETZGIRLS_GROUP (General Anime and Manga Discussion)

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